Xbox One Pros And Cons Review

It’s been quite some time since the gaming freaks have been biting their nails because of numerous ongoing rumors about the Xbox One, the next-gen gaming console by Microsoft. Xbox One is successor to Xbox 360, which got huge success. The incredible features of Xbox 360 resulted in getting huge fan base, and now, those fans are eagerly waiting for Xbox One. This upcoming gaming console by Microsoft is the third console in the Xbox family. Rumors about this gaming console have been hitting since last year. Microsoft has been working hard on its upcoming gaming console so as to deliver something awesome. On one side, there is pressure on the Microsoft to keep Xbox’s fan base growing, and on the other side, the pressure is of competition.

Xbox One pros and cons

If you have been following all rumors about Xbox One since their birth, then you are most likely to be confused about what could be there in Xbox One, right? Well, you don’t need to be so anymore, because Microsoft has unveiled Xbox One. It did so on May 21, 2013. The release date has been set for November 2013. So we will be seeing a tough competition between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Anyway, since the console has been unveiled, so we have now ‘right’ knowledge of its features. Xbox One has many pros and cons in it. To know what they are, just keep reading this article ahead.

Xbox One Pros

  • Speed is what matters the most, right? Your overall gaming experience depends on the speed, the smoothness you get on your gaming console. It seems that Microsoft knows it very well, because it has made the Xbox One extremely fast. This gaming console is 8 to 10 times faster than current Xbox. All thanks to x64 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU and 8GB RAM that are there in Xbox One. Switching between various tasks such as TV, movies, Skype; is very easy and fast.
  • Xbox One is compatible with Smart Glass, so you can expect a whole new gaming experience on it. The ‘Smart Match’ feature makes it possible to setup multiplayer matches in the background while playing the single player games at the same time.
  • Changes to Xbox One controller have been made. The Xbox One controller is better than that of Xbox 360. Microsoft has brought many changes in it to deliver a better gaming experience. The thumb sticks, directional pad and contours have been updated. More than 40 improvements have been made to controller. The low-power sleep mode in Xbox One is one of those 40-plus improvements.
  • In the Xbox One, you will be able to play while downloading games. Moreover, you will be able to play while you install games.
  • Blu-ray player has been included in the Xbox One. The Xbox One games will come on Blu-ray discs. These discs will be for one-time use only. After installing them, they will be of no use, as game will get tied to Xbox Live Account of yours.
  • Kinect has been improved. It features 1080p quality and more accurate tracking. Kinect voice commands are another plus point in the Kinect of this upcoming gaming console. The Kinect is able to detect motion in 13 billionths of a second. Infra-red in Kinect makes it work well in dark.
  • Microsoft will be releasing 15 games in Xbox One’s first year. Forza Motorsport 5Quantum Break,Halo 5 and Ryse are the confirmed titles.
  • Other good point about Xbox One is that it has capture and editing software. So you can record game play in Xbox One.

Xbox One Cons 

  • The biggest con is that you will be required to check in to Xbox Live account for at least one time in 24 hours.
  • Kinect in Xbox One will be always on. This is a big con of this upcoming gaming console, as it creates privacy issues. The Kinect which is as double as an infra-red scanner, camera and heat sensor will always keep spying your habits.
  • In order to play online, you’ll have to pay. This is something that most of you will consider as biggest con.
  • To play used games, you will be charged via MS directly. So forget about playing games – that you own- in your friend’s house.
  • Other cons of this upcoming gaming console include absence of ‘Backwards’ compatibility. Moreover, Xbox One is less powerful than PlayStation 4, which gives a big reason to choose latter over the former.


Xbox One is undoubtedly, full of many new features. The pros of this upcoming gaming console are more than enough to make it eye-popping. Sadly, there are some cons in it, but come on, nothing is perfect. Don’t expect any gadget to have good points only. Here, pros have heavier side than cons, which makes Xbox One ‘an incredible next-gen gaming console’. But at the moment PlayStation 4 seems to be a better option between these two gaming consoles.

These are the pros and cons of Xbox One. So, will you buy Xbox One? Or would you go with PlayStation 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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