What are Olympiad exams?

Olympiad exams are competitive exams conducted for school level students based on their school syllabus. Through Various independent organizations, these exams are conducted which gives a great exposure to students for open competitive exams.

Organizations involved

In India, some famous organizations conduct Olympiad exams every year. They are listed below:

  • Indian School Talent Search Exam(ISTSE)
  • Silver Zone
  • Asset-Education initiatives
  • Unified council
  • Indian Talent Olympiad
  • ICAS-Macmillan institution
  • Eduheal foundation

Importance of Olympiad to Students

  • To provide a unique competitive platform to students
  • Motivates the participating student to strive for better
  • A rank in these Exams develop the child’s confidence and help the parents to identify their inner talents.
  • The conceptual questions makes the learner understand the topic well. So the class results get improved.
  • Develops analytical thinking that is vital for IIT-JEE and other competitive exams.
  • Cultivates the reasoning power
  • A big platform for even primary class students to exhibit their talents at state, national or international level.
  • Thinking ability, confidence and problem solving solving lead to overall development of child from young age.

Separate exams for various subjects

Every year, many Olympiad exams are conducted that covers many subject topics. The following subjects are taken widely :

  • Computer/cyber/informatics/Digital technologies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • General knowledge

For participating in the exams

The students must contact their school as most of these exams are organized through schools only. If your school dies not conduct, you can also directly contact the independent organizations.

How to prepare for these exams?

Children can concentrate their own subject pattern but in an analytical way. They must prepare for conceptual and tricky questions. Many online sites provide helping hand through previous question papers(70% of present year questions will be taken from previous years papers).

Model questions and practice tests (preferably hardcopy of question papers for practice to develop time management) help in a great way for scoring well.

Think and learn the concepts in a different manner apart from direct book definitions. Understand the logic by analyzing it carefully so that you can answer any type of questions on it. You can find free study material and sample papers for NSO, IEO, IMO, iom and other maths, science and english olympiads on the internet.

Hereby we have given you basic understanding on Olympiad exams that prove to be very useful for the future of school children. Try participating so that you will definitely find most of your hidden talents in studies and also a different approach towards routine school concepts.

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