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As the water bed’s level is getting down more salts and rock chemicals are getting mixed in the water that we use in our daily lives for washing clothes, dishes etc. Also due to waterlogging, drains are being directed directly into our water bodies, mixing tons and tons of chemicals in our daily usage water. Many people ignore the fact of “Hardness of Water” and still use as it is without changing its quality, which eventually turns out to be a barrier in your work.

water softener
Such water that contains at least 60mg of dissolved magnesium and calcium is termed as Hard Water, and sometimes the numbers can be bizarre. Thus, we have used beneficial devices called “Water Softeners” that does the job of removing the hardness to such extent that it becomes safe for our daily usage. Hence, if you’re looking for the best options for Water Softeners, then the way to go, you have come to the right place.


It’s a classic 40,200 Grain Water Softener with GE Smartsoft Technology that learns water usage patterns and depicts future demands. It comes with amazing features as Programmable options, indicator lights, and a permanent memory that offers definitive struggle-free operation and much more. It is an excellent water softener for a family usage that has members from 4 or more.

  • Softening Grains: 40,200 grains
  • Hardness removal capacity: 125 GPG
  • Iron removal capacity: 9 PPM
  • Salt storage capacity: 230 lbs
  • Price: $497


  • With its GE Smartsoft Technology, it fortifies that one gets softened water whenever needed by learning the usage, programmable patterns. New GE is a salt saver, as the indicator light warns you when to refill the salt tank. Makes it best for a medium to very high hardness.
  • Also, it comes equipped with a self-cleaning sediment filter. It uses up to 35% less water as per the reports, feedbacks and experiences. Also, high priced versions include Automatic Salt Feeding System.


  • It doesn’t deliver huge households.
  • It has Lower Iron PPM(parts per million) removal.


Morton 45000 is the best on the pocket water softeners in the market. It comes in a single tank design which combines resin and brine tank in one, making it very easy to carry. Both of the Morton softeners are very simple and easy to set up and operate. Alongside it is easy to install the device itself.

Price: $539


  • Morton has a unique functionality as Metered Regeneration, i.e. the softener will regenerate based on how the water usage is and won’t waste any water or salt needlessly.
  • Softening Grains: 45,000 grains
  • Iron removal capacity: 12 PPM
  • Also, its patented Plan Ahead-Technology allows the system to learn from the much-softened water is used at what time of the day, and creates a pattern and regenerates the water at that particular time; thus you never be out of water.


  • Not profitable for the high-functioning system.
  • Single tank available.

Fleck 7000sxt Water Softener:

A rugged industrial-like water softener with a digital meter is what the Fleck 7000 metered is about, a substantial duty water softener business. It’s a 64,000-grain capacity softener which servers from large to enormous households with ease making it the beast of the softeners, let us dive into it.

Cost : $607

Built-in capacitor, Ultra-efficient system for water and salt saving.


  • It can handle heavy usage with no worries. Also, the Bypass value trips the system off and on with just a switch.
  • It’s an enormous money saver; smart machine processing makes sure no wastage happens what so ever. Efficiency is what it offers the end-users with, at any cost.


  • The extensive system can be overdone for small households.
  • Installation is very complicated.
  • Heavy on the pocket.

Hope that review of water softeners was quite helpful for you. We hope you find the suitable one for yourself and get away from the problems of hard water.

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