The Future of Technology

We all know technology is progressing at lightning speed. This essay and speech gives you an insight on the future of technology.

future of technology

Human race has traveled a long distance in terms of Science last decade. We have come from an arena where 1 MB of memory required one room, and weighed more than a ton, to life where TBs of memory chips are thinner than human hair, and weigh in grams. Telegrams have been replaced with mobile phones, and emails have overtaken letters. Life was never so easier in times when simple addition was done with punching cards on vacuum tubes and took minutes to give the result in contrast to now when our processors can perform millions of executions per second. No one had ever dreamt of stepping on Moon a few years before, and now we have sent satellites to far off planets as well. Technology today has crossed all the religious boundaries, and ethical borders, and unveiled the truth which was far hidden beneath human mind. We have increased the average human life span from 40 years to 75 years, and are still developing vaccines for the incurable disease. Human mind has possibilities which no one can ever imagine, and we have started even developing them. The fields of Aerospace, Biotechnology, Human Cloning, Tissue Regeneration, fighting robots, satellite communication, and super-fast connections have revolutionized our Earth.

The future of technology today is limitless. In the very new future, we can expect a human trip to Mars, a city on moon, genetic therapy drugs, alternative sources of energy, the use of cybernetics, etc. As most of the advances are aimed at making the lifestyle easier and happier, others are aimed to excavate the hidden possibilities of the universe. We dedicate this post entirely to Technology, and its future with human race. We all watched Terminator, and experts today even claim that making such human-robots would not be impossible for Science in coming few years. We’ll develop machines which would be able to analyze the situation, and then act accordingly as per their choice.

Let’s have a list of everything we possibly can get in the next decade:

Super Human: As the science advanced, we updated the average human age from 40 to 75 years. Now the next big step is to make a super human just like Captain America. The secret project would be aimed at developing the physical, as well as mental capabilities of human beings. We would have a human race that is free from any disease, and could think like Einstein. With huge success in cloning, the Super Human project seems pretty much possible now.


Devices responding to your thoughts: The concept of touchscreen shook the world when it was introduced for the first time. People had never imagined of such a device which they could touch to control. But this generation made it possible. After the touch interface, gesture control devices were invented. The machines could identify your gesture whether it is from your hand, or feet, and then respond as per the predefined programs. The concept was widely used in Gaming stations like Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStations, etc. After all this, the next invention might be the devices which respond to your thoughts. Just imagine a smartphone where if you need to dial a number, you would just think of dialing a number to your friend, and your phone would automatically dial it. The concept is really a big one, and will take time. But the day it is invented, it’ll be the biggest step in the humankind.

Unparalleled Robots: Robotics has gained lot of hype, and scientists very well understand the possibilities in this field. The idea has been around for a couple of years, and many big companies are working on it in their own workstations. The improved robots would not need to depend on human being to give them instructions; they’ll act according to the situation. For example, just imagine a home robot which would come running to you when you drop a glass of water on the floor, to clean up the mess.  Life with such robots around would be so simple, and entertaining. These robots would plug themselves to their outlets when their battery goes down, or will call you up at office to tell you about any unexpected guest.

Virtual Reality: The concept of virtual reality is one of the most thrilling one. Virtual Reality machines takes you to an entirely different world where you can behave just like you behave in normal world. Just have a dream of a scene where soldiers sit on virtual machines, and wars are fought in virtual world without any loss of life, or harm to environmental balance.

Cryogenic Freezing: This is a topic which only a few people are aware about. How many of you are aware of the urban myth of Walt Disney? Well if you’re not, we’ll tell you. As the legend goes, Walt Disney who died of Lung Cancer (a fact of course) chose to cryogenically freeze his body to preserve it, until a cure for lung cancer was found. He was a Science student, and hoped that when Scientist will discover how to cure lung cancer, they would also know how to cure the human age factors, and they could bring anyone back from the death if the body was well preserved. The concept may seem a bit horrifying, but yes there are a few hidden projects based on this myth, or fact, whatever you take it.

Computers that could fit on your palm: It’s the era of nanotechnology, and super-fast computing. We saw the rise of desktops, followed by laptops, and then we’re here at ultrabooks. The day is not far when you’ll have computers so small that they fit in your hand. They’ll contain projectors to form a virtual screen, and a virtual keyboard anywhere you need them to. We have invented projectors, and we’ve also dealt with virtual keyboards, but when it comes to merging extensive supercomputing power within a small device, this will really be a tough job, but not impossible to achieve.

The future holds possibilities which you might not even have dreamt of. We tried to cover the upcoming inventions that will take the world on its toes. But as the old saying goes, seeing is believing. People will believe only when they’re confronted with such devices, and with the upcoming technology, they’ll surely be. Do share your thoughts on “Future Of Technology” in the comments below.

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