Temple Run 2 Tips


As expected by the gaming gurus all over the world, the second part of the addictive game Temple Run is out and has hit the market with full vigor. Adding to the glory of this adventurous game by Imangi, the opening of second part of the game saw an overwhelming 20 million downloads in just 4 days.

Temple Run 2 Tips

The game play has been modified a little trying to make it even more addictive. However the plot of the game remains the same where the character you play has to escape from the protectors of temple after stealing a precious idol from the temple.

How To Score?

The scoring is again the same as in previous game by collecting coins, completing the objectives and fetching multipliers while running for your life away from the giant monkeys which can be heard as big footsteps in the background. Collecting coins though might be deceptive and can make you fall into a situation might put an end to your run. The secret is to complete objectives that increase the value of your multipliers. Collecting coins regularly   also helps in increasing the chance to get coin magnet.

Free coins trick: To get some free coins in Temple run 2, go to the main menu of the game and tap on “free stuff”. Then Follow temple run on Twitter to get 250 free coins.

Free green gems trick: You can also get a free gem by visiting the “Free stuff” section and liking the Temple Run Facebook page. This will reward you with a free gem.

How to complete level in Temple Run 2? To complete a level you must complete the objectives. When you complete an objective you also get rewards and you get access to new power ups too.

Tips To Score High

Anyone can score comfortably in starting few minutes of the game but the challenge and the fun is to be on the top of the leader-boards among your friends. For high scoring performances you either have to be a pro at the game or know few tips and tricks that might be of an immense help when you are trying to climb up the ladder to the top of the score board step by step. Let us have a look at few dos and don’ts that can escalate your score to new heights.

  • Power Ups Are Must For High Scores

Collect the power ups like Double Value, Coin Magnet and Mega Coin at the earliest  in the game as they will help you to boost your scoring rate at a much elevated speed.

  • Resurrect Power Is The Saviour

Don’t ever forget to use the resurrect power. Use it on an urgent note as soon as you get it because a dead player would not get to enjoy its benefit.

  • Never Play On Serious Note

It is amazing to see that most of the high scores leading the leader boards would come when you will be playing the game in a jolly mood without any tension to break any record. Just enjoy the game and see the magic.

  • Don’t Get Obsessed With Collecting Coins

Remember the motive of the game is to run as far as possible and coins are just an add-on. Sometimes ignoring coins might fetch you a longer run where you automatically get chance to collect more of them coming in your way. You can collect them in early stages though when it is easy to collect them.

  • Have Control On Your Speed

If you think that obstacles are coming too quickly or it is getting more and more difficult to take turns smoothly then slow down your speed a little by tripping at tree roots just for once. If you do it twice at short intervals then the masked monkeys will catch you.

So run your way to the top of leader boards using these tips. Happy Gaming!!! Do share your tips and tricks for Temple Run 2 in the comments below.

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