Ruzzle App Review

The Ruzzle is a very faddish game. It has become very popular around the world in a very small span of time. It is basically a word game. Today we shall discuss the most promoted app Ruzzle. The most popular game Ruzzle can be on your tab or your Smartphone. As per this game, the player who makes the maximum number of words wins the game. According to the stats, this game has been downloaded 3 million times in a span of two minutes in the year 2012. It is played the most in countries like the United Kingdom and USA. It is a very well received game.

ruzzle app

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How You Can Play Ruzzle Is As Follows:

In The Ruzzle playground there are 16 unpremeditated letters divided into four separate in rows. Now your challenge is to make the maximum number of words using the 16 characters in just 2 minutes. After you are done with your chance, you can view the number of points you have won and what score your opponent is on. The letters Q, Y and X are not included in this game. This means whatever words you make you will not use these three letters in it. You can play total three rounds of the game and then view your total score. In case you lose the game, you can resend the invite and play another game to win. In every new round, you will have a set of new alphabets so that you make new words each time. The Ruzzel is a very easy game. It is a very exciting because you have to make the words in a particular time limit. While playing the game you can also chat with the opponent. It is a very interesting and a brain juggling word game.

Points To Keep In Mind

  • Keep in mind the password and the user ID so that you can log in again.
  • You cannot pause the game while playing the game will only be paused  in case you are getting a phone call in between
  • It is not always necessary that whatever word you make it will be a part of the Ruzzel dictionary.
  • Make sure you have a fast and a good internet connection.

In this game, two players will be given the same set of letters. The challenge would be to make the maximum number words using these letters. You will be able to make a higher score if you make longer words .However the vocabulary of this application is quite small so it’s not always possible that whatever word you make it will be part of its dictionary. You can choose your opponent as per your choice .You can play the game with both your friends as well as strangers. The best part of this game is that it is not only entertaining but also very informative. When you play this game, you come across so many new words. This game will help in making your vocabulary strong and fluent.

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