Pros and cons of selfie

The most trending thing right now all around the globe, from toddlers to the young to the old, without which a single day doesn’t go by; yes, you guessed it right – Selfie. A selfie is basically a self-portrait photograph taken with a digital camera or a phone camera that is hand held and kept for self-collections or uploading on social networking sites lie Instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc. it has changed so many aspects and prototypes of day to day life of the humans such as public behavior and social interaction.
Let us have a look at some of the pros and cons of this selfie culture.

selfie pros cons

Selfie pros:

  • Many people consider it a beautiful form of self-expression that allows them to share their emotions such as joy and despair.
  • It can boost a person’s confidence and raise your self-esteem if done in the right way. People feel socially integrated and have a lot of friends.
  • According to a study a smartphone camera helps in a way that makes you feel better about yourself and connect with other people instead of personally isolating themselves. Also, for teens between 13 and 17 years old, a percentage of 1 in 5 teens feel more popular, confident and more self-esteemed about themselves when using a social media website to share their day to day life and activities through photographs and selfies.
  • The best part about selfie is that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to get your selfies clicked. It can be taken by both, professional and non-professional photographer.
  • The selfie taking devices are immensely easy to use and perform.
  • The amount of joy and happiness in group meetings and hangouts increases suddenly at the selfie moments.
  • It can be directly shared to your social media accounts and networking sites where your friends can see it and it can keep them updated about you and your lifestyle.
  • It’s a lifestyle trend and so easy to follow up with.
  • Introvert people can get a way of talking to people easily without pushing their boundaries. If they do receive a positive feedback from the photos they have shared, it would encourage them to do it more. It might not necessarily make them feel more self-confident but it will make them less shy exhibiting themselves.
  • It allows for the social media world and subsequently the world to see you at your best.

Selfie cons:

  • On one side while a selfie can have positive psychological effects, it can have some negative ones too. According to the latest research by a team of psychologists, people who take a lot of selfies per day have some psychological issues. Basically, they have an exaggerated interest in self-admiration of themselves and their physical appearance.
  • The one’s who post their selfies every day on social networking sites have an issue of being praised by others. They look for attention from their friends and the world out there, styling in weird poses and unnatural styles, just to typically get more “likes”.
  • The addiction of selfies grows over time and there is typically no stopping to it.
  • Taking selfie in a group can result in exchange of many germs and diseases. For example, selfies are bad for your hair. How? When you take a selfie with lots of people, the people come near each other thus increasing the chances of exchanging lice in the hair.
  • The misuse of your selfies is one if the greatest issues and a matter of concern. When you upload a selfie, there are 75% chances of it being downloaded and once someone has your picture, they can misuse it in literally any way. This usually happens when someone wants to have some kind of revenge with a person.
  • People tend to look more and more beautiful and appraisal worthy, thus not paying heed to their natural looks and pushing themselves to fit in the culture. With the availability of vast number of photo editing software and beauty apps, it is now possible for even a baby to look matured and beautiful. Thus, the pictures on social media accounts can be quite deceptive and for some people, incredibly offensive.
  • Selfies are one of the most dominant cause of deaths in today’s era. People lose their precious lives just for the sake of a silly selfie. For instance, in 2015, a news channel reported the death of a 21-year old as she fell of a mountain just for capturing a selfie. There are a lot of news and stories coming up every day and this toll is increasing on a daily basis.

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