Pros and cons of mobile phones

Mobile phones are ubiquitous in modern life. Even a few decades back, we could only communicate via the landline, or at most, the cordless phone. That all changed with the invention of the cell phone. The most important way in which it changed communication was, of course, the fact that we could now speak to people on the go. Mobile phones made it possible for us to relay and secure information instantly, the moment the requirement arose. We no longer have to wait to get home, or find a payphone, before we could talk to someone, no matter how urgent the requirement.

pros and cons of mobile phones

However, like every great invention, mobile phones have also come to be regarded as terrible as they are useful. Here, let us find out how cell phones benefit and disadvantage us.

Pros of mobile phones ?

Easier communication

This, of course, was the purpose behind inventing mobile phones. We can now communicate irrespective of where we are, and, with ever better reception, we are constantly in touch with the world around us. This is invaluable in case of emergencies. Being stranded on the highway late at night is no longer so scary since we can call a friend from our cell phones. Good news or bad, we can relay it instantly to the people who matter. Most importantly, with smartphones, we can now stay in touch with people on the go through all forms of social media and emails.


Today, smartphones are mini computers. There is literally nothing you cannot do on your cell phone that you can do on your computer. So, you have access to your email and your social media accounts on the go, and you will never get out of touch with the world, even for a minute. Even your banking account is right there on your cell phone; all you have to do is log into the app and make the necessary transactions. Everything is just a couple of clicks away; be it online shopping or booking a cab, smartphones have made it all extremely convenient with the help of Internet.


With the mobile phone, today it is easier than ever to ensure your safety. If you get the feeling that you are being followed on your way home from work, you can report it to the police while you are on your way, and while you are probably being followed. You can call emergency services at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are at the moment. Security of your health and your property has been made childishly easy by the advent of mobile phones.

Cons of mobile phones ?

But, as they say, every rose has its thorn, and mobile phones come with a plethora of disadvantages.

Constant distraction

Cell phones, with all their apps, are a constant source of distraction. Some notification or the other is constantly coming through, be it from shopping portals, social media websites, or simply hellos from friends, and it can be a serious reason for disruption to both personal and professional life. Our conversations are constantly being interrupted with our need to check the phone vey two minutes, and it does not bode well in meetings when the phone keeps ringing for one reason or another. And it is difficult to get work done when the temptation to pick up the phone is ever present.

Declining relationships

In this day and age, we are more connected in the virtual world than we are in real life. It is a common sight of people sitting together, each one engrossed in their own cell phone. Conversation is minimal, and mostly revolves around posts made in social media by common acquaintances, or something interesting spotted on some website. Relationships, naturally, are on a decline as people feel more comfortable ‘meeting’ up on social media than face to face.

Addiction risk

Although it may seem slightly paranoid, addiction to mobile phones is a very real thing. Many people report to feeling ‘lost’ or ‘anxious’ when they have to stay away from their cell phones for even a short while. Some people are so addicted to their phones that they don’t stop to look up even while crossing the street, driving a car, or boarding a vehicle.

Few technological inventions of the previous century have had such impact on us as mobile phones have. It is impossible now to imagine a world when we would not have some form of those devices on ourselves at all times of the day. And precisely because they are so important, it is mandatory that we learn to use them judiciously. Cell phones are greatly beneficial to mankind, and it is up to us to make sure that we never let the collateral damages outweigh the good they do us.

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