The Pros and Cons of LG G6

In the previous year, LG introduced a new modular design in their flagship device LG G5 but it was not liked by the customers as it was expected by LG. So, LG has come with their latest flagship device LG G6 which is of traditional design and several improvements in the features over the previous flagship model of LG. LG hopes that this model will be liked by the people. The phone is simply designed to impress as it comes with the superb display with 2:1 aspect screen ratio and the resolution is 1440*2880 pixels with 564PPI of display density. It comes with a good camera of 13 megapixels. The phone also has several outstanding features but there are some drawbacks of this LG model as well.

lg g6 pros and cons

LG G6 pros:

  • This model supports both HDR 10 and Dolby vision which allows the users to view both the formats of the videos and hence it makes it very convenient for the users.
  • The display of the phone is extremely vivid and vibrant which is sure to be loved by the users.
  • LG G6 supports OTG cable which makes the phone compatible to connect it with an external storage device like pen drive, external card reader, and other similar devices. Thus, additional storage options are available.
  • The phone has extremely narrow bezels on the side which give an outstanding visual experience and makes the phone very slim.
  • The phone comes with a gorilla glass protection and hence does not scratch easily.
  • One of the great advantages of this phone is that the memory of the phone can be extended up to 2 TB with the help of an external SD card.
  • The phone has the option of inserting two sim cards at once and hence the user can have a good flexibility option for the mobile networks operator.
  • LG G6 also supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.
  • Most importantly, this model of LG is certified by IP68 dust and waterproof over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes.

LG G6 cons:

  • First and foremost, this costly phone does not come with an AMOLED display.
  • The phone comes with a battery which cannot be removed from the phone by the user. If any problem occurs the phone needs to be taken to a service centre.
  • LG G6 does not support IR blaster.
  • The phone is quite expensive with a price of over fifty thousand rupees and still the processor provided is not Qualcomm
  • Snapdragon 835, instead, it is Qualcomm Snapdragon 821.
  • The phone supports dual SIM version but it is hybrid in nature that means the slot 1 is for SIM 1 and the second slot can either beused for SIM 2 or a memory card which is very inconvenient.
  • The speaker loudness of the phone is not strong.
  • For many regions, the phone only comes with only a 32 GB ROM version is available.

Do you own LG G6? Post the pros, cons or problems associated with the LG G6 in the comments below.

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