Pros and cons of cloud computing

You have probably heard about ‘cloud computing’ in different fields where people need to exchange information. And, in all probability, you want to run your business with cloud technologies as well. If you still hesitate whether to use cloud computing or not, here are some pros and cons of it to help you make the decision.

pros and cons of cloud computing

Pros of cloud computing

First, let’s find out good sides of  it:

  • It’s cheap enough: You don’t need to buy additional devices for the office. I know that feeling when you have loads of information that needs to be transferred. When I worked in a publishing house, we had hundreds of letters with attached documents. We really spent hundreds of dollars for more laptops for copying information, a plenty of flash drives for each member. Now, with a cloud, all the team can get access to big amounts of information and see changes in real-time.
  • Easy access: As stated above, you will have access to the information from any computer you need. To add, you will have the opportunity to edit everything online. It is very usable for editors, application developers, anyone that works with text in teams. You are able to add comments, and another person will answer immediately. To demonstrate, I have been working as a copywriter in a team without using clouds for almost a year. When our Head decided to use cloud computing, our work speed increased strongly. We were able to work online!
  • Reliability: I don’t know people who didn’t not have problems with lost documents. One could delete files by mistake from his/her desktop. The other could have his computer lost. No computer means no files unless you use cloud computing. In this case, all the information is saved in the cloud, and the computer will not mean that much. With it, you can find any information from any devices. You simply need to login to your account and you can access your data from anywhere.
  • Manage your business easily: When people didn’t had cloud services, they usually hired a person who gathered all the information on the computer and then analyzed it. In this case, your will understand who works well and fast (if you are working with freelancers). Moreover, you will be able to see the immediate result of your group work.
  • Storage: As much as needed. If you don’t need a big amount of space, you will get it for free. For small companies, it can be even enough. For personal usage, you can use that also freely. When you have a really big company, cloud services are paid. But, the price is good for most people.
  • Everything is in one place: So, your data is centralized. If you have a lot of offices, you may know what it means. The chain of collecting information becomes much shorter. As a reason, your company works faster!

Cons of cloud computing:

Still, there are some cons of it that you need to take into account:

  • Your account may not work sometimes: Or, at least, it can work slower and irritate you a bit. That’s a common problem cloud services have. When a lot of people work on them, they become overwhelmed. When you have an urgent work that can make you some problems. But, in such situations, you always can switch to your PC and save files there. Though, such situations need to be thought about.
  • Somebody may use your account: So, though companies claim that your data is secured enough, we wouldn’t be that sure. Your account maybe compromised and someone else can access your data. A lot of written information could be read from your account. Be attentive.
  • If you want to use different cloud services at once, be mindful. Although companies tend to assure people that their products are very flexible in usability, you can still face some problems. For instance, when you understood that you need to migrate to another service. How to transfer all the information?
  • If you have a low Internet connection, train your nerves beforehand. That’s a rule you should always think about: if you want to work with cloud services, find good Internet speed. If it is a low speed connection, you will not be able to do much work. A simple Word page will be loading and loading when you could write something important.
  • While there are some cons of cloud computing, but these can be worked out on. The pros of cloud computing outweighs the negative side of it.

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