Negative Effects Of Video Games

Video games are very popular among kids as well as adults. It is a good way to have fun and pass time. But when video games become addiction, they can have many negative effects on your health, physically as well as mentally. Below, you can read about the negative impact of video games.

cons of video games

Video Games are a great way to freshen up your minds and get relaxed. Some video games are proven to be a good tool for mental development; such games can increase your memory power, thinking capacity or even your memorization power. But sadly there are very fewer games that can benefit you, instead there are lots and lots of violent type games which is not only a waste of time, but adversely affects your mental powers too !

Most of the time, parents warns their children to stop playing such games because they fear that such games can affect their children’s mental as well as physical health. As this topic needs concern, today we will be looking at the negative effects of such violent video games!

Cons of video games:

1. Physical Health:

Yes, long hours of video gaming can adversely affect your physical health, as I said above. There are many physical health problems, and we will be discussing some of them here:

Obesity: Over-weight or tummy or obesity, whatever you call it. It is not a good thing to be having obesity. It not only ruins your physical looks but also affects the functions of your internal organs too. Obesity can lead to cholesterol, blood-pressure or even major diseases like heart attack.

Sleep: Did you know that long hours of video gaming, or even long hours of internet usage can destroy your sleeping pattern which also adversely affects your health. Few sleeping hours means drowsiness and head-ache all over the day, also students won’t be able to concentrate in their classes if they receive potentially less sleep!

Back-Pain and Foot-Pain: The former that is back-pain is common with people who sit in the same position for a long period of time, like gamers and internet addicts who spends almost all the time sitting in the same position. The latter, foot pain, can occur because your legs are not getting proper blood circulation.

2. Mental Health:

As I said in the beginning, video games that are beneficial to your physical as well as mental health are very few in number. Whereas games that promote wars, violence, theft etc. are among the hit chart.

These games seem very interesting while playing because of the 3-D effects, graphics and game-play. But when you play such games, you unknowingly are destroying your mental health too. Below are some ways how video games can affect your mental health:

Violent Behavior: Kids, who usually play such video games, pretend themselves to be the heroes of the game. And sometimes, in real life too, they may use such habits like, fighting unnecessarily, use foul language etc. This will affect the child’s future, as their childhood behaviors largely affects their future performance.

Academic Performance: Video games can affect your child’s academic performance as many children often play video games until late night, and as I said above, lack of sleep will reduce your child’s concentration. Also some kids get addicted to the games they play, which makes them think about the game, whole day long.

I have mentioned some important negative aspects of video games that needed to be concerned. There are of course other problems, but these are the most common ones. So while choosing games for your kids to play, avoid games that promote hatred and violence.

Readers! What are your thoughts on video games? Do share with us in the comments below.

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