Moto G4 Plus pros and cons

Majority of people love to have the Moto Smartphone because they are not only within budget but also provide excellent value for money options to the users. With the arrival of the Moto G4 and G4 plus in the market, Lenovo has decided to project Moto as its sub brand. It is huge improvement over the predecessors with the company trying to incorporate the feedback from the users. Let’s dive deeper and take a look at its strengths and weaknesses.

moto g4 plus pros and cons

Moto G4 Plus Pros:

Aesthetic appearance:

Rounded frame reminds of the sleek style of the previous phones designed from the Motorola stable. Due to the presence of the rubber back cover, the device provides prefect ergonomics and grip. In comparison to the G4 version, the screen is a bit larger offering TFT display and high definition images.

As far as the shape is concerned, the smart phone is quite slim with a breadth of only 7.9mm. In order to provide additional protection, Gorilla Glass is added to the eclectic mix.

Security system:

G4 plus is equipped with finger print sensor mechanism that can work very well as an authentication system. Application plays a very important role in detecting the required fingerprint from different angles.

High end processor:

Presence of the snap dragon processor ensures that the capability of the G4 plus model is second to none. In addition, the on board RAM of 4 GB can easily support multiple applications without any problem. Apart from the core, other value added features such as blue tooth, Low energy Wi-Fi capability and FM radio attract the attention of the potential users.

Impeccable performance:     

The phone uses only 1.2 GB of Ram providing enough leeway for other applications to be executed. It delivers snappy performance without any trace of slow down or impending lags in streaming animated videos.

G4 plus is extremely capable to handle the high bit rate along with the high definition videos. Photo apps incorporated in the gadget plays an important role in optimizing the editing of the photos and videos. The process is quite simple and even a laymen can accomplish the task.

As far as the sound output is concerned, it is perfectly audible for the ears. Moreover, the phone provides play music app incorporating equalizer to change the setting of the sounds. It is not only used for wired head phone but also the speaker.


With 16 MP camera and focal length aperture of 2.0, the phone boasts of phase detection autofocus capability.  In addition, laser system is also imbibed in the gadget to focus on the concerned object.

Users can avail the opportunity of getting more shooting modes ranging from slow motion, panorama to professional.

Moto G4 Plus Cons:

System on chip:

It is found that the system on chip of the G4 plus mobile phone quickly heats up while playing games or using the GPS application.

Lag in the camera:

Another drawback noticed by the user is the slight lag in the camera app if the phone becomes warm after persistent usage. It is a defensive reaction by the system to control the CPU speed to prevent overheating.

Music: Insufficient capabilities.

Music system of the gadget doesn’t support highly popular FLAC audio files. Compared to other phones, the G4 gadget doesn’t provide stereo sound to the users.

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