iWatch Rumored Specs & Release Date

If the rumors are to believe, iWatch would be great because a lot of people carry smartphones and so don’t care to wear watches anymore. Wearable tech gadgets seems like a huge  business prospect  and one of the biggest trends of the coming year as we all have heard in the news and on the internet.  The device’s rumored specifications would be a gross understatement. All that is known about the gadget is limited to gossip originating from supply chain resources.

apple iwatch release date

If the mongers could be confirmed on the news then the iWatch is believed to feature a curved and even flexible 1.5-inch screen, fronted by a Corning product. However, not giving anything away until it really has to, the company denied any details about the gadget. Alternatively, regarding the news of Apple’s expected move into wearable gadgets. The iWatch in recent days has been creating from rumor to reality, could surely be defined as a “special project”, with Deneve prepared with the necessary skills and experience for promoting the device.

According to rumors, Apple officially applied for trademarks on the “iWatch” name in major countries having a volatile market. According to the Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple is teaming up with the Taiwanese RiTdisplay , which produces a new type of touch-sensitive organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display screens, targeted to create a new 1.4-inch display for the iWatch.

The iWatch will prove a winner for the Apple ecosystem this is for sure as stated by  Bruce Tognazzini, a former Apple employee, he also blogged that Like undisputed  Apple products, this will also create a huge positive review in the market of technology and gadgets.

With Samsung and Microsoft are likely to release timepieces later this year, the user’s wrist would be the frontier for mobile technology because you’ll be able to view messages, be reminded of upcoming appointments or even make calls, all without reaching into your pocket to pull out a phone. With these rumors floating around there are even some more that have surfaced listed below with month and year

September 2012, last year Apple was granted a patent for an electromagnetic induction system that could allow a device to be charged by shaking, a technology that would certainly be useful for the iWatch.

December 2012 the same year again the Company was awarded a patent for a new process for creating high-quality curved glass.

Early this in February 2013, Apple was granted a patent for an assimilated touch sensor and solar assembly which would allow a solar panel to draw energy from the sun while being an optical sensor of a touchscreen. This technology could permit for Apple to make a compact highly capable and energy gadgets, like an iWatch.

With the iWatch rumors so widespread, Apple’s main competitor has replied so as not to miss out on the potential market for smart watches. Working on the same idea Samsung Electronics announced it was developing a smart watch in March.

iWatch Release Date:

If you are waiting for the iWatch launch, then you might have to wait little longer, because it’s not going to hit the shelves soon. Apple iWatch is expected to be launched late in 2014. There is no details about the price of iWatch yet. We’ll keep you updated with this as more information arrives.

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