HTC U11: Pros and Cons

HTC has always been a name to reckon with in the smartphone market. While their price range is almost always for the niche audience, there is also no doubt that the features they offer are for the highly tech-savvy user. On the other hand, HTC has also impressed us with their design and appearance, and they are clearly attempting to up their game with the launch of the brand new HTC U11. Yet another top-range offering from HTC stables, the HTC U11 has just recently been released, and the reviews are mixed. In this article, let us explore the good and the bad of this new baby in the smartphone market.

HTC U11 pros and cons

The audio and camera quality

A phone is not just for calling, and it is sad when the videos or the music you play don’t sound true and the photos you take aren’t clear enough.

Thumbs up πŸ‘
HTC has done a great job with this one. Anyone, even the most casual of users, is quick to pick up on the quality of audio in a phone, and HTC certainly gives no reason to complain. The phone uses the Snapdragon 835, which supports the feature of Active Noise Cancellation, which means that all active noise is cancelled by the loudspeakers. This makes listening t music or watching videos on the phone makes for a great experience. Of course, it does not bring the party into the room, but it is the next best thing you can have in your ears. The 12 MP primary camera takes photos that are so far definitely the clearest in the market, capturing an astounding level of details in each photo.

Thumbs down πŸ‘Ž
While there is nothing to complain about the sound, it can be a bit disconcerting to some that only HTC microphones ate adaptable to the HTC U11. Again, these headphones are also not adaptable to any other smartphone, which makes sense if HTC intends to create their own audio micro system, but can be inconvenient for users. The same goes for the loudspeakers. As far as the camera goes, it works nicely, but there are still some softwares that are yet to be included.

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The Edge Sense

HTC has taken the touchscreen to new levels by introducing touch sensitivity to the squeezable sides.

Thumbs up πŸ‘
Sure, this one is interesting. It is something new, and innovation is the key. The Edge Sense feature can distinguish between short and long presses, and apparently also works underwater and with covered fingers. You have the liberty to customize the presses for their respective functions while setting up the phone. Till now, several features can be activated using the Edge Sense: the camera, the keyboard, and the Google Assistant. It is being expected that later versions of the phone will include more features into the Edge Sense repertoire.

Thumbs down πŸ‘Ž
While the Edge Sense is certainly new and innovative, it does look a bit gimmicky. There is no reason to use the sides when you can easily use the screen to activate different features. For instance, do you really need Edge Sense to summon Google Assistant? It’s usually right there on the home screen, and voice recognition is there as well.


The HTC U11 is aiming to throw Samsung Galaxy S8 from its pedestal, which means the performance of the phone has to be absolutely top-notch.

Thumbs up πŸ‘
As far as performance is concerned, the HTC U11 is certainly one of the best in the market. It has the latest version of Android as the OS, and is powered by the Snapdragon 835, which gives the U11 enough capability to use only 4 GB RAM to function smoothly. The non-removable battery is great; you can use it for a full day without recharging, thanks to the 3000mAH battery. It charges fast as well; HTC claims a 50% charge in 30 minutes.

Thumbs down πŸ‘Ž
There is hardly anything new in what HTC is offering in terms of performance. The newest phones from other manufacturers that will arrive in the market in the next couple of months will all use the Snapdragon 835, and will have the same speed and performance.


You do see how a phone looks when you buy.

Thumbs up πŸ‘
It’s pretty, no doubt about that. The HTC U11 is a beautifully designed phone, with a sleek exterior that gives it a futuristic, classy, and timeless look. The color- back with undertones of a deep blue- is attractive, and the curved glass makes it reflect light in a way that demands flaunting.

Thumbs down πŸ‘Ž
The look is beautiful, but there is nothing innovative or new about it. It looks pretty much like any other smartphone in the market you can but at this price range.

The HTC U11 is too young yet to be really given a verdict. So far, it is a great alternative to the Samsung Galaxy 8, with the performance, design, and features all matching up quite well to the standards we have come to expect from HTC. There are ample great things about the phone to make us forget about the few downsides, and if the price puts anyone off, it should be remembered that HTC has always been one of the top range phones, both in terms of features and price.

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