Pros and cons of Facebook

What is Facebook? Well, no one is unaware of that! Facebook is a social networking site where you connect and share your day to day life with our friends, family and the world out there. it connects you to the various social circles out there. it helps you to keep in touch with your friends, post your pictures and videos, share links and exchange information. Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world, with 750+ million active users. It promotes and facilitates your interaction with everyone.
Here are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook in today’s era.

pros and cons of facebook

Pros of Facebook 🙂

  • Facebook has nowadays become the most famous platform for creating and promoting brands by many individuals and businesses. It is arguably the most powerful social media platform for networking out there. you can sell and promote your product/service to a highly-targeted audience, thus increasing the possibilities of making money online. Since this is a global platform, distance and location are no more treated as barriers. It also allows partnerships for various projects. You can also make a fan page and increase your brand value and social presence for you brand. This helps you to find new leads and clients.
  • It is a major source of entertainment for people around the globe. From sharing photos and thoughts to memes and videos, everyone uses Facebook for refreshing themselves up a bit.
  • Facebook also come with a translation feature, helping you to easily connect with users from different and far away countries who speak a variety of different languages. Facebook not only allows but also encourages us to connect with everyone.
  • You can now video chat on Facebook too. The feature has been recently implemented in partnership with skype. You can easily face-time your friends now at any hour using the inbuilt video chat service.
  • You can host your images and videos on Facebook. And the best part is that you can control through the privacy settings for your individual albums as to who can see what you share. You can also download your own photos and videos the number of times you wish, thus keeping a backup plan for you forever. Moreover, Facebook also provides a backup account feature.
  • It helps you to stay updated with the latest news and information. Bloggers and internet marketers too subscribe to popular blog fan pages and keep themselves aware of the latest updates.
  • Facebook works as a personal portfolio for you. You can create dramatic first time impressions for your personal profile branding by the timeline cover. It can simply help tell people quickly what you are all about. It can also help people see your expertise and connect with you easily.

Cons of Facebook 🙁

  • The foremost and major concern of Facebook is related to the privacy. it has already created a huge amount of buzz over this topic. It highly increases the risks of people going through your profile and misusing your photographs. Many such scenarios have arisen, thus leading to the privacy features. But still this does not totally eradicate this issue by any means.
  • Using it for online banking, social networking or other services, increasing the risks of this leading to the theft of your personal information such as your name or card number. People can access this information through unsecured connections or through software’s and use it for their benefit. This could lead to some major troubles.
  • Virus attacks are a getting a more too often nowadays due to Facebook usage. Virus programs are inconspicuous and may get activated if you click a seemingly harmless link, even though by mistake. Thus, these users are very prone to virus attacks and this result is their systems crashing.
  • Spamming is also an issue of Facebook. It leads to your mailbox getting stacked up with unwanted e-mails. This is very frustrating and makes your system slower and less reliable.
  • Facebook addiction in children and teenagers is the greatest concern for parents. They keep on using it day and night without even realizing the amount of time they have wasted on it. This affects their day to day routines and mainly studies.
  • Your personal life is basically on display and any updates comes in the notice of friends and others. Thus, your privacy is compromised.
  • Pornography is the biggest disadvantage of Facebook. It allows you share and download millions of photos and videos thus impacting the lives of children and teenagers. They can also create a havoc in the marital and social lives of adults.

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