Drones: pros and cons

Are drones, a blessing in disguise?

Science creates half of the World’s problems with its innovation stated a nobleman once. The power vested in humanity has grown leaps and bounds as the graph is rising exponentially. With these modern mechanisms, the World is in dire need of responsible and formidable hands. However, that has not been the case since the Second World War. The military prowess of powerful nations is on display once in a year stating their respective authority. One such magnificent piece of work is the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or simply Drone.

drones pros and cons

Pros of the drones:

Design, pricing, and political factors: Originally built to serve the military of various nations, Drones have also been incorporated in various other fields. Recently, an experiment in China was held where a fast food company designed a drone that could deliver orders to the respective owners. The experiment was not an outright success, but the thought put into it shows that drone can quickly take over the delivery sector cutting manpower.
The primary use of drones is to initiate surveillance of a given room, house, or an entire area. Drones are moving objects making it easier to cover a larger portion without much fuss. Battery engineered drones need to be charged up regularly depending on the use. The device comes in various sizes making it difficult to trace with naked eyes. The recording capability and visual appearance can be changed time to time suiting the needs. The initial cost of a regular drone can reach north of $200, and a combat drone costs a fortune.

Warfare factors: The initial prospect of building a drone was to keep track of rival nations in the border or disputed areas. The combat drones are specialized to carry weapons and fire whenever required. The aerial ability and pin-point accuracy makes it a reliable weaponry as seldom there are cases of mass destruction or genocide. The drone weaponry specializes in taking down a single target or at most a small group or an area.
An advantage that drones will have over physical combat is there are no lives at risk. A drone can carry its operation successfully or unsuccessfully but there is no loss of military or infantry. This was the prime reason that catapulted the use of drones into limelight. Drones are known to be ‘politics friendly’ as there have been many cases where a drone strike has been denied by the accused nation.

Cons of the drones:

Morality factor: However, instances have shown how badly these insurgencies can backfire. The technical dependence of the drone makes it vulnerable to security tweaks. Experts believe that it is the morality that is in question rather than the technical glitches. An instance in 2016 saw The United States of America kill one of their own during a drone strike intended against Al Qaeda who had held few Americans hostage. The incident sparked a new debate considering a safer option and the hype surrounding UAVs.

Technical factor: A technical flaw that often renders the drone ineffective is the pace and movement. Drones can be off the grid and get past unnoticed, but in an open battlefield it is a tad too slow to go all cylinders blazing. The arsenal incorporated in a drone often is insufficient due to its limited capacity. The magnitude of the attack might be high but a series of attacks is a rare possibility.

Drones in certain sectors: The surveillance property of a drone enables its user to protect their area without the use of static cameras. Drones are often used in examination halls to keep an eye out. An aforementioned instance showed how drones can be used as carriers. In many places, tech geeks are looking to amplify the use of drones to the next level.
There is a possibility that larger sized drones will be in use within the next decade. Another ethical question pops up here that the use of drones will render certain workers jobless. However, that remains to be the case in most scientific advancements and singling out drones will be unjustified.

Drones have served purposefully since its inception. The moral issues and technical glitches have pegged back the growth of drones, but scope for betterment is always there. Drones are seldom used by individuals therefore making it hard to justify their advantages and disadvantages in terms of personal use.

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