Bluehost web hosting review 2015

Bluehost is the ultimate choice for hosting regardless of the type of site you’re looking to setup.

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There is a lot of confusion all over the web as to who really has the best web hosting services. With so many different options and specialized platforms promising this, that, and another thing it can be all but impossible to really decide on just one web host and then move forward – unless of course that web hosting service is Bluehost.

With some of the most powerful features, tools, and technologies available to every and any member of Bluehost web hosting, you’ll be able to easily and almost instantly have the website of your dreams up and running in just a couple of minutes – regardless of your technical knowledge (or lack thereof)!

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If you were forced to choose just a single reason for why Bluehost is miles and miles ahead of the competition – despite being one of the oldest top web hosting solutions around – it would have to be because they understand what people need from a host and give it to them. Since 1996 this has been their main mission, and while most other companies will nickel and dime you for different tools and technologies across multiple levels of membership, Bluehost keeps it easy – there is one single plan for a low monthly rate and you get to enjoy the best of everything.

This is huge for people who are looking to start a new website, if for no other reason than the simplicity of knowing you’ll get everything you need – and more – to start a website without all the fuss and messing around that other so called “best web hosting” options offer.

No matter what you’re looking to do, with Bluehost you get:

  • Unlimited everything
  • Super low monthly price
  • A free domain registration with every new account
  • World class security
  • So much more!

But that’s just really scratching the surface of what you get when you go with Bluehost – if you really want to take things to the next level and see what kind of tools and technologies you’ll have access to with a Bluehost web hosting account in this Bluehost review, here are some more specific things to pay attention to based on the site you’ll be building.

Casual and personal websites or blogs

Bluehost is the perfect place for someone with little to no technical knowledge that would love nothing more than to build their own personal corner of the web without having to learn all kinds of crazy skills. With a built in website builder and one click installations, you can have a brand new website designed, laid out, and then installed on the web in less time than it takes to cook dinner. You’ll be able to completely and totally customize your site with pictures, images, video, sound – whatever! – all to your heart’s content with Bluehost web builder tools, and all without having to learn any coding or programming.

Business and service based websites

If you’re like most people in the world, you’re feeling the tightening of the belt, so to speak, with the current global economy being less than stellar. But starting your own online business will give you instant access to a global marketplace, and nobody helps make that possible better than Bluehost. Starting from a secure web hosting platform that makes sure your important financial information – and that of your customers –is always protected, you’ll have all of the tools you need to build a website and market it as well. Bluehost web hosting comes with Google AdWords coupons to get you started getting the word out, and once the ball gets rolling you’ll have the global business you’ve always dreamed of – all from the comfort of your laptop!

E-Commerce websites and platforms

This is where things really start to shine and where you can see the dedicated that Bluehost web hosting has to make sure that anyone and everyone gets the most out of the web hosting services. E-Commerce and web applications are some of the most feature and resource intensive things in technology, but hosting them is a dream on Bluehost. You’ll have access to all of the major programming languages (Ruby, Perl, PHP, CGI and a bunch more) as well as an unlimited amount of MySQL databases to leverage the system and really make it responsive. Combine that with a simple installer like Fantastico to take all of the guess work out of things, and you’ll have your new online store or application up and running in no time at all!


There are a lot of top web hosting solutions out there today, but if you’re serious about working with the best of the best and a true titan of the web hosting industry then you need to go with Bluehost. Easily the best reviewed and most revered web host in the world, you’ll find everything you need and then some when you choose to go with Bluehost.

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