Best iPad Apps For Travelers

Whether it may be a short road trip or an international excursion, we mostly relay on our Smartphone or tablets to reach our destinations and to entertain us in meanwhile. Thus you must harvest some useful travel apps for your iPad before hitting the roads.

Here I have compiled a list of 10 useful applications for your iPad that will serve you best during your travel adventure and provide better travel assistance and planning.

best travel apps for ipad
1. Travelocity 

Travelocity is an awesome iPad travel application that provides handy features like booking flights and hotels from your iPad. It also allows you to rent cars on the go. The best part about it is its pricing for these services is relatively low than the prices featured on the desktop version of Travelocity.

It provides detailed data about the hotels, flights availability, maps, high resolution photos of hotels and improves your traveling experience up to a great extent.

This awesome iPad travel app can be downloaded absolutely free from the app store.

2. Jetsetter 

Jetsetter is recognized as the first iPad app supporting the high resolution Retina Display of new iPads. It provides facility to browse through a wide range of panoramic photos, attractive hotels and vacation places. It provides a calendar section which helps users to keep eyes on the upcoming events; it also supports setting up reminders so that user should be able to grab all the sales of their interest in time.
It supports only portrait view which is quite disappointing. However it provides flat 10% discount on the first purchase which is simply awesome. You can download this application free of cost from app store.

3. Writing Kit

Writing Kit allows you to take down notes anywhere, anyplace and hence you must carry it while travelling. If you are writing content for your blog then Writing kit is the only thing that you need.
It provides tool bar to add web elements like hyperlinks and all that easily to your content. Again the big screen of iPad enhances its user-friendliness beyond expectations.

It’s the most recommended travel iPad application for bloggers as it surely beats any other notes app when it comes to writing a web document.

This useful app costs USD 4.99 and can be purchased from app store.

4. iPhoto

New iPads got improved camera, however default software is not able to provide those editing capabilities and effects that are provided by a third party iPad app iPhoto. iPhoto fully integrates with your iPad and boosts photo editing capabilities of the default photo library of your iPad.

While travelling you may want to create beautiful photo albums and share them on the web with iCloud, well this is possible by means of this tiny app iPhoto. It also allows sharing your photos and albums on social networking sites like Facebook.

You can grab iPhoto at nominal cost of USD 4.99 from app store.


KAYAK is the world’s top iPad travel app. It provides facility to search for flights, cars for rent, hotels on fingertips. It provides comparisons between flights, rent cars and hotel deals. It’s the best iPad app ever to provide complete trip itinerary.

It also allows to track the flight status, look up baggage fees, book hotels, rent cars and access airline numbers and other airport.

Download KAYAK absolutely free from app store.

6. SoundCloud

We just found out iPhoto as a best way to share our travelling adventure pictures on the web, but what about Sounds? Travelling adventures are the best opportunities to record some unique and funny sounds. However you still need an iPad app to share those sounds with your loved ones on social networking sites. For that you need SoundCloud.

Most of the peoples use SoundCloud to share homemade sounds on the web. Now a day many bloggers are using SoundCloud to help out with their audio blogs.

SoundCloud can be downloaded free of cost from app store.

7. Dwellable

Just like jetsetter Dwellable also supports high resolution Retina Display of new iPads. It provides huge collection of high resolution photographs for numerous vacation destinations.

Along with the high resolution photo view Dwellable also provides maps, list of hotels with handy filters like price, number of rooms, number of beds etc.

Currently this service is only for destinations in North America. Dwellable iPad application can be downloaded free of cost from app store.

8. TripAdvisor 

TripAdvisor is an another cool travel app for iPad which is capable of suggesting you the best places to eat, sleep and roam wherever you travel all over the world.

It provides list of hotels, restaurants and special attractions all around the globe. It allows you to track distances between various places in real time.

TripAdvisor can be downloaded absolutely free from app store.

9. Gateguru 

Gateguru not only gives real time flight status information but also gives notifications about important flight information to the travelers. Gateguru is serving travelers since 2009 which is quite impressive.

It sends you push notifications about the realtime flight status information, view / post airport security wait times, the food, shops and services available at the airport. Gateguru is the most efficient iPad app made ever for travelers.

Gateguru can be downloaded free of cost from app store.

10. Skyfire

If you are a internet freak and traveling alone with no pass time rather than your iPad then skyfire is the app that you should not be missing. Skyfire is powered with a cool feature called ‘Hot Swap’, which allows you to toggle multiple accounts in a single click.

With this feature you can share your iPad with your fellow travelers without need of logging out and logging in again. I didn’t experience any downside with it except its frequent crashes. You can get this awesome browser at the price USD $4.99 from app store.

So on which travel apps you mostly rely? Let us know your favorite ones in the comments below…

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