Best Facebook Games 2013

Facebook Games Of The Year 2013

The social networking sites are rapidly gaining popularity with the masses. They are used as a means to connect with friends and family worldwide or as a sort of entertainment. The users use most of these sites to play online games. One such social networking site is the Facebook that has opened a world of games for the people. The games offered by Facebook are highly entertaining. The best part about these games is you do not have to pay to play them. They are free of cost for Facebook users.

Comparing these online games to those, which you can play on play station or Xbox, you will certainly feel the latter to be more entertaining. On the contrary, the advantage of these Facebook online games is you can play them even while traveling. You are not confined to a room with a remote in your hand to get the entertainment you are looking for. These Facebook online games can be played on your smart phones as well. There is an array of Facebook games. Following are some of the online games offered by this social networking site. These are popular and most played games for the year 2013.

best Facebook games 2013

1.       Farm Ville 2

It is one of the most played games offered by Facebook. The player is required to manage a virtual farm by planting crops and trees. This is the sequel of Farm Ville created by Zynga. You may need the support of your friends to complete some tasks in this game (actually, almost every game in this list needs support of friends), so make sure your friends are also playing it.

2.       City Ville

This game has enticed many a user. The game presents a frolic world where the player has to carry out some specific tasks. You have to build your own city and manage it, just like a real town. City Ville is also created by Zynga.

3.       Castle Ville

The player in this game owns a castle of his own. The player is required to construct his castle as per his wishes. You also earn money in this game, which allows you to open a range of outlets in your castle.

4.       Fish Ville

This game is very similar to Farmville. The players are offered a virtual aquarium in this game. The players are required to manage the virtual aquarium abiding by the rules of the game.

5.       Monster World

This game offers the players the pleasure of owning grassland along with playing with various kinds of monsters. You get to play with the monsters and manage the grassland side-by-side.

6.       Bubble Speed

For people who like thrill and adventure, this game is just what the doctor ordered for you. You can enjoy the game as it offers speed and excitement to the player.

7.       Mafia Wars

This game offers the players a traveling experience along with a chance to trade a variety of things they desire.

8.       Buddy poke

The game offers the player a chance to chat and play at the same time. You also have the liberty to choose Buddy poke characters.

9.       Restaurant City

The game offers you a chance to own a restaurant where you are even allowed to offer an invitation to your friend.

10.   Pet Society

This virtual game offered by Facebook allows you to build a house of your own.

There are many other Facebook games such as Wings of destiny, Robot Rising (Beta), Scrabble, Star Wars- Angry Birds and Marvels: Avengers Alliance that are gaining popularity among the masses. These games are a great source of entertainment for the people. Which is your favorite Facebook game? Do share with us in the comments below.

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