Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Networking

The social media and other social networking sites turn out to be a major part of our civilization. Its influence is rapidly taking over the internet world like a flash. It functions as a great podium to keep in touch with family members, friends and relatives a far. It’s a modern way to meet new people on the web. People today, wake up every morning and immediately look on the net for information instead of inquiring the newspaper. Social networking sites are product of technological advancement of computer systems that provide email, chat and even surfing for info.

Positive and negative effects of social networking

Since most of us are spending much time on social networks activities, it is wise to identify the positive and negative effects of social networking. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of it.

Positive effects of social networking

Eventually as time passed by, large and growing establishments are now hopping into the social networking trend. It has helped businesses in an enormous way that some of it becomes a part of the company’s cycle. In addition, the usage of it provides companies a direct feedback from its customers. Certainly, it is a big help to business economic status in such a way that they can advertise and promote easily.

Social networking sites stands as an educational aide as student can easily access information for their school projects, research and homework. They can also share and express their thoughts and ideas as a form of exercise to the freedom of speech, thus creating a positive outlook to the students personal character.

Recognition to the effort extended by social networking sites, because connecting people around the globe has come to reality. Reaching out someone has been a normal task for those who are away from home and the problem of communication has become a thing in the past.

Social networking web sites are empowering the development brought by medical institution and science and technology.

Negative effects of social networking

Even though people made social networking sites as an important factor in keeping bonds, it still has negative aspects that are susceptible to any threats. In spite of being popular, social networking sites contain personal data and confidential information about yourself that are prone to hacking and worst case, it can endanger your safety.

The social networking can be addictive in a certain area. Dedicating too much time to it, one will lose focus on the daily house chores and in the long run will make someone as a lazy being. It will also affect someone’s health due to lack of sleep and stress. It can also cause a broken relationships because of lack of time spend together. Social networking can lead into a serious problem if not done in moderation.

It has been said in old times that everything on this planet has both bright and dark sides, positive and negative aspects. It’s an advisable thing that everyone must practice careful usage of social networking sites. Having an intense knowledge in the positive and negative effects of social networking sites will guard anyone falling into the danger zone. Both sides revealed.

What do you think? Social networking is doing more good or more evil? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. andile mbatha

    social networking ruin family relationships

  2. Tatenda

    Social networks has separated potential married couples it has become the weapon fashioned against themselves, for example whats app and Facebook are two typical example of social networks which are being misused. Most people they use them as a dating platform social network whereby one is easily got attracted to someone’s wife or husband. All of a sudden they start to send each other sensual messages and pictures and those silly naughty jokes that brings dis-easiness in someone’s mind brings confusion that ends up making the affected mind get exposed in love which is not pure love but lust that needs to be satisfied by interc ourse. The moment when two people of different sex send each other those silly naughty things their mind is being brain washed leaving their thoughts bare to an extent that by any given chance which ever direction the wind will blow victims will just follow that’s how it contributes to prost itution leading to break-up of potential families,couples. Some families broke up because there’s now less attention to husband and wife everyone is busy with their phones, laptops no longer having that family chat as a family less respect to each other.

  3. Hlengiwe

    Social networks are the most evil thing because they have a poor to separate relationships and can cause too much humiliation to the society
    Although it is also good as it helps on educational aide to students but it also ruins other people’s lives it is in both sides it is having advantages as well as disadvantages

  4. GAGAN

    Social networs are frequently used all over the world irrespective of gender age colour race or creed critically five impacts of these social networks on individuals rights to privacy and safety

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