One Plus 5 pros and cons

The OnePlus 5 has just been launched in the market, and people are lapping it up. The Chinese manufacturer is certainly cashing in on the currently booming market of the high spec smartphones with a mid-range price tag, and the OnePlus 5 appears to be just that at first glance. It is priced at $479, and packs in a lot of features within that budget: dual camera, dual sim, and a powerful processor. That way, it looks like the perfect buy for the majority of the population. However, techies will not agree wholeheartedly. As it turns out, the OnePlus 5 has come with its own share of pros and cons. In this article, let us make an objective review of the newest smartphone in the market.

oneplus 5 pros and cons

The design

The OnePlus 5 has been designed to look like an expensive looking smartphone. It is sleek and minimalistic, with the subtle curves at the edges lending it a sexy quality. It is thin and light, but does not give an impression of fragility; instead, it is heavy and solid enough to convey durability. The size is not an impairment to the grip either.

There is really nothing special about how the Oneplus 5 looks. It is good looking, certainly, but that is about all there is. To be honest, most smartphones at this price range look more or less this good, with probably a larger range of options, and the similarity to the iPhone 7 Plus can be a bit of a turn off for some users.

The home button

This one might take a bit of getting used to, but the home button in the OnePlus 5 is a nice touch once you are past the learning curve. To begin with, it makes the phone highly secure since it runs on a fingerprint sensor. A light touch is all it takes to go to home, and a long press will bring up Google Assistant. Moreover, it is flexible, and you can go to settings and customize what you want to do with it. It is also highly smooth, quite at par with Google Pixel and definitely better than the iPhone.

Using the home button in the OnePlus 5 can be a bit of a struggle for some people. Usually, you don’t expect there to be a learning curve when you simply want to go to the home screen, and it can be pretty annoying when a marginally higher pressure or a longer press yields different results.

The operating system

The OnePlus 5 uses its Android 7.1.1 skin, the Oxygen OS. To get to all the apps, you need to slide up, and sliding down takes you hardware. It is a pretty standard software, with the bonus of huge customization. The Alert Slider is a unique feature too, helping you silence the phone, activate Do Not Disturb, and turn up ring volume at the press of a single button. The Reading Mode adjusts to the light settings for maximum browsing comfort. It is fast and fluid a well, with a log battery life and storage capacities. Not much risk of the phone hanging when too many apps are running simultaneously.

On the downside, the OnePlus 5 uses Bluetooth 5.0. While the performance is great, the fact remains that there are still not too many Bluetooth 5.0 compatible headsets and other devices to choose from. That might become a bit daunting for some users.

The camera

The dual camera- the first from the company’ stable, does a great job of combining a 16-megapixel with a secondary 20-megapixel camera. The primary camera is good, as is the secondary camera, taking color-accurate photos in most cases, and some really god snaps in the right light. Indoor photography is especially a delight.

The secondary camera is in portrait mode, and does a pretty good job of it, but the edges get blurred. In the case of the primary camera, too, the photos can look somewhat washed out, especially if the light is too bright or the snaps are clicked in full sunlight.

There is one other point to be mentioned, though, and whether it is a pro or a con really depends on individual preference. The OnePlus 5 is quite reminiscent of the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of its design. The placement of the dual camera and the flash is the same as the iPhone 7 Plus, as are the antennae that run around the edges of both the phones. That apart, the OnePlus 5 is a standout phone in its own right.


smart phone five pros

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