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Music makes us feel good even if we are not in a good mood. If you are a music addict and want to take it to everything that belongs to you, then you should also get yourself equipped with a music Facebook cover.

You may already know that Facebook timeline profile gives you option to have a large picture on top of your profile which is known as “cover photo“. These cover pictures really describes your personality. Whenever someone visits your FB timeline profile, the first thing they’ll notice is your timeline cover. That’s why you should choose a cover picture which defines your personality.

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Facebook covers for girls

If you love music, then these musical Facebook covers are for you. You can use these music cover photos on your timeline profile and show off your love for music. Check out some of the best music Facebook covers below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

1. Good times, good music, good memories: Missing all that good time, music and memories you had with your friends? This cover is for you.

Good Times Facebook Timeline Cover

2. Hear the music, feel the beat: Love this quote, using it as my own timeline cover too.

Feel The Beat Facebook Timeline Cover

3. Music is medicine: This quote is really true, “Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul needs.” Music can really heal our wounds and reduce the pain.

Music Is Medicine Facebook Cover

4. That track of your music player, which you always skip but never delete: Do you have one?

That Track Of Your Music Player Facebook Cover

5. Music only makes me stronger: iPhone and beats headphones in background and a good music quote. What else you want for a music Facebook cover?

Music Only Makes Me Stronger Facebook Cover

6. Music & feelings: Music is what feelings sound like, I too believe that music can really express our feelings.

Feelings Sounds Like Music Facebook Cover

7. Gangnam Style: How can we miss this one in our “Music Facebook covers collection”. PSY’s Gangnam Style is the biggest hit in recent and it truly deserves to be your timeline cover photo.

Gangnam Style Facebook Cover Photo

 8. Music is my boyfriend: Girls, this one is for you if you love music more than your boyfriend.

Music Is My Boyfriend Facebook Cover Photo

9. Music is my girlfriend: How can we left boys behind?

Music Is My Girlfriend Facebook Timeline Cover

10. Peace Love Music: That’s all we need, isn’t it?

Peace Love Music Facebook Cover Picture

11. My playlist can tell you the story of my life: True, true true! 😛

My Playlist Can Tell The Story Of My Life Facebook Cover

12. I love music: Love music? Tell everyone with this cover.

I Love Music Facebook Cover Photo For Timeline Profile

13. Headphone quote: When I’m sad, I shove in my headphones and just ignore the world.

Headphones Quotes Facebook Cover Photo For Fb Timeline Profile

14. Music doesn’t lie: A great quote by Jimi Hendrix, “Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”

Music Does Not Lie Facebook Cover Wallpaper

15. Music is my drug, the DJ is my dealer: This one is fFor the party addicts

Music Is My Drug DJ Is My Dealer Facebook Timeline Cover Design

So, which music Facebook cover you liked the most, share your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll keep adding more music FB cover in this post. Stay connected!


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