10 Hilariously Funny Meme Facebook Timeline Covers

Internet memes are all over there. Either you are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or whatever, you’ll see your news feed filled up with these funny memes. The reason memes are so popular is because they relate to our lives. These meme comics presents daily happenings of our lives in a funny way.

Now, if you are on Facebook, you know about the timeline covers, right? If you love these memes, you might also want to have them as your Facebook timeline covers, that’s why I ahve decided to share some hilariously funny meme Facebook covers for your timeline profile, which will surely give a good laugh to your profile visitors.

Meme Facebook Covers:

1. Oh you came to visit my profile: This one is really cute, isn’t it? Whenever someone visits your timeline profile, this cover shows that you are so happy that he/she came to visit your profile.

You came to visit my profile Facebook cover photo

2. Saw my profile? Now GTFO: Ya, go away, you stalker, there is nothing else to see.

GTFO My Profile Facebook Cover

3. Textbook: Facebook + Texting = Textbook. So I’m studying right? Seems legit.

Textbook Facebook Timeline Cover

4. Forever Alone: A cover for forever alones.

Forever Alone Facebook Timeline Cover

5. Le me, you don’t say: Trolling level – 10,000.

You Don't Say Facebook Timeline Cover

6. I’m jealous of my parents, I’ll never have a kid as cool as theirs.

I'm Jealous Of My Parents Facebook Cover

 7. Me Gusta: Finally found a cool timeline image.

Me Gusta Facebook Timeline Meme Cover Picture

8. First world problems: Accidentally changed to FB timeline, now I can’t change it back.

First World Problems Meme Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photo

9. Don’t like me? cool, I don’t wake up every day to impress you. Show your attitude with this one.

Don't Like Me Facebook Timeline Cover

10. Y U No visit my profile more often?

Y U No Facebook Timeline Meme Cover Photo

I’ll post some more cool Facebook covers soon, keep checking back. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you liked it. Do share your profile link with us in the comments if you are using a meme Facebook cover.


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Latest Comments
  1. kristen

    Amazing, just amazing. These guys are so creative who designed these covers. I’m a big meme lover and I’ve started using that one “Oh you came to visit my profile”. Rest of the meme Facebook covers are funny too. Keep rocking.

  2. Mia

    These Facebook meme timeline covers are the best ones I’ve seen so far. Le me, you don’t say is hilarious one. I’m surely going to make it my cover photo.

    Can you guys post some Christmas and new year Facebook covers, since holidays are approaching.


  3. suchith

    the profile pic covers some of the words in the first pic.
    see if u can do anything for that, thanks

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