Logos Quiz Answers

In this post, you can find all Logos quiz answers of all the levels. Also check out 3D logo quiz answers for Windows 8

What is Logos Quiz game:

logos quiz answers all level solutionsAs name suggests, it’s a quiz game in which you have to guess the name of the company by seeing a small portion of the logo. There are hundreds of logos in the game with different levels. You can challenge your friends or ask them if you don’t know the answer. You can use hints and clues to find the answer if you stuck somewhere. Logos Quiz is available for download for iPhone & iPad on iTunes.

Logos Quiz Answers:

I have decided to share the answers of Logos quiz‘s all levels. So, if you stuck somewhere you can check the answers here. Below are the Logos quiz answers for all the levels.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 1

Logos Quiz Answers Level 2

Logos Quiz Answers Level 3

Logos Quiz Answers Level 4

Logos Quiz Answers Level 5

Logos Quiz Answers Level 6

Logos Quiz Answers Level 7

Logos Quiz Answers Level 8

Logos Quiz Answers Level 9

Logos Quiz Answers Level 10

Logos Quiz Answers Level 11

Logos Quiz Answers Level 12

I’ll be adding more answers as the new levels are introduced.


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  1. Sushma

    Thanks for posting all these logos quiz answers, I’m a big fan of this game and you have helped me completing all those levels which I couldn’t finish because I didn’t knew the answers of the logos.

    I started playing Logos quiz 1 month ago on my iPhone, I came to know about many of the new logos which I didn’t knew before. I think this app not just increase your GK but it also helps brands to connect with their consumers. For eg. I bought a pair of Pepe jeans the very next day when I saw it’s logo in the app. i guess it’s remark was on my mind and when I saw this brand in mall, I end up buying it.

    That’s it from my end, Now I’m going to play it again 🙂

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